“Justice is what Love looks like in public.”

– Dr. Cornel West


32nd Threads believes in the power of local community to provide stability, hope, and resources, especially in times like today.

We would love for you to check out the organizations below, who are working relentlessly to make the Seattle community a place where justice thrives.


We love them and we hope you love them too!


Choose 180

CHOOSE 180 transforms the lives of youth and young adults by partnering with institutional leaders, connecting them with community, empowering them with choice and teaching them the skills necessary to avoid engagement with the criminal justice system. 


Seattle Peoples Party

Seattle Peoples Party is a community-centered grassroots political party led by and accountable to the people most requiring access and equity in the City of Seattle. Seattle Peoples Party takes a stand on the most pressing issues facing our communities and the actions needed to lead our city towards a more equitable future.


Real Rent Duwamish  

Real Rent calls on people who live and work in Seattle to make rent payments to the Duwamish Tribe. Though the city named for the Duwamish leader Chief Seattle thrives, the Tribe has yet to be justly compensated for their land, resources, and livelihood. 
You can do something today to stand in solidarity with First Peoples of this land by paying Real Rent.